Real Bromance, Kim Ji-suk and Ha Suk-jin


Did you two have an opportunity to become close?
Suk-jin and I have already known each other for 10 years. We actually did the variety program Love Letter together. Back then whenever we’d meet we would only have small talk. We ended up becoming close as we were doing Problematic Men together. After we became close I realized he was a really cool guy to the point where I wondered why I didn’t try to be on friendlier terms with him before. I can say he’s a tough guy amongst tough guys!

I think what made this trip extra special is that you two were in it together.
It’s been a long time since we both visited France so it was filled with thrills. We also got the chance to visit the fancy winery in Champagne province and we were more excited. Maybe it’s because we both like alcohol that we talked a lot about champagne and didn’t notice time had already passed.

You two may seem alike but I think you have different personalities.
Ji-suk carries a romantic side that I don’t have. He seeps with kindness and thoughtfulness. To be honest I am shy, the type that needs a bit of time to get close to someone. That’s why there are times I am envious when I see Ji-suk quickly becoming close and familiar with people.

How was the week you spent together in France?
Even though we see each other every week and contact each other often, it’s the first time we did a pictorial and also went abroad together. We like similar things and our opinions match so the entire schedule including the photoshoot was very fun. I think even if the two of us went on a friendship trip it would be fun.

Interview from Cosmopolitan; original article
Translation: 猫 from Trans Fats


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